Once invite your friend to join the ATOC telegram group, you'll get 10000ATOC! No limit!

*Im Token wallet address

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1. Promotion Time: 5th Feb 2018 - 10 Feb 2018. The first wave 20 million ATOC has been finished, we decide to put additional 80 million ATOC Token, first come first served.

2、Once the user who invite one friend to join the ATO telegram group,he'll get 10000 ATOC,no limited.

3、Plese note, after the promotion, we'll verify your Imtoken address, the bonus will be issued only the address is valid.

4、Please fill in your Imtoken address, do not fill in any other token exchange wallet address.

5、Once involved in the cheating operation, ATOC reserve the right to suspend or terminate the qualification of warned user.ATO Chat retain the right to pursue legal actions.

6、The ultimate power of interpretation using personal influence originally time belongs to ATOC.

Thank you for the participation,the activity is over。